Visit Tay Thien Festival

Visit Tay Thien Festival
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Tay Thien Festival, one of the major spiritual events in the north, began in Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province on March 12, drawing a wave of local residents and tourists.

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Tay Thien - A Beauty of Nature

Tay Thien natural Beauty is on Thach Ban mountain of Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province. It is also in the Tam Dao National Forest. Tay Thien area possesses many temples, pagodas, old stone stelae and rich flora and fauna. Tay Thien is endowed with the majestic natural landscape: Suoi Vang (the golden-like stream), thac Bac (the silver-like water fall), Truong Sinh creek, Giai Oan stream, the nine-rooted banian tree etc... 

Speaking of Tay Thien, people immediately think of the National Mother Lang Thi Tieu temple (located in Thuong Temple)- who supported Hung King to fight against the invaders  and to defend Van Lang country at the time. Besides that, Tay Thien Truc Lam monastery where defined a cradle of Buddhism in Viet Nam, is restored on the foundation of the ancient Thien An temple. The national Mother temple and Tay Thien Truc Lam monastery are the spiritual culture works for hundred thousands of people from every corner of the country and from abroad to visit and worship.

Tay Thien Festival via Cap treo Tay Thien

There are many beauty spots and famous cultural, historic relics in Vinh Phuc Province. In order to awake this potential, Vinh Phuc People’s Committee decides to construct a Tay Thien Festival-Cultural Centre and the ropeway project on December 5, 2009 in Thong Temple, Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District. The Center is built under the subject of “Visit the Buddhist and come back the National Mother” and expected by 2010. The works includes items as: a religious ceremony axis, festival ground, stand and other supporting items and the resettlement. This is one of the most important festival center in Vinh Phuc Province. From 2011, 2012 onwards, Vinh Phuc will concentrate to construct the services items, reception house, post office, bank, photograph booth, rural market etc...

The ropeway project invested by La Hong Company has a total capital of VND 258 billion. There are three stations with total land area of 1.73 ha. The starting station is Cau temple, then passing over Bac waterfall and stops in Thuong Temple. This project is given priority to construct aiming at providing tourists a more favorable condition of visiting Tay Thien natural beauty.

Tay Thien natural beauty is of great significance in respect of Buddhist and the national history, attracting people in the whole country to pilgrimage to Buddhist sanctuary and to learn about history of building and safeguarding the country. The Center also satisfy the need of the people of yearly festival, supporting Vinh Phuc shifting its economic structure and increasing the people’s living standard, both economy and socio-culture.

Tay Thien festival

Tay Thien Festival via Du lich - Dan Tri

The festival is taking place in Tay Thien site within the Tam Dao National Park with a diversity of flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and favourable climate conditions.

It is held annually on the fifteenth day of the second lunar month to commemorate Mother Lang Thi Tieu, who made great contributions to national defence and agricultural development during the era of Hung Kings.

The site was recognised as a national historical relic site in 1991 and a special national relic site in 2015. There are numerous temples in the site, including Thuong Temple, Tam Toa Thanh Mau Temple, Co Chin Temple and Thong Temple.

Vinh Phuc is home to several popular tourist destinations, including the Tay Thien site, Tam Dao Resort, Tam Dao National Park and Dai Lai Lake. It also owns bountiful tangible and intangible cultural values with 1,000 relics.

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